After reading the title of our blog, I'm sure you've already guessed that we're a BIG FAMILY living in a small apartment!

Hi, I'm Kristin, and my husband is David (that I lovingly refer to in this blog as Mr. BIG [FAMILY/small apartment]).  Together, we are taking our tiny, little 1200 sq. foot apartment (that houses us and 4/5 of the AWESOME kids below - yeah, one went off to college, how dare she...) and turning it into an organized, functional, unique and sometimes crazy masterpiece!

We landed in this cute little apartment after downsizing from a 3000 sq. ft. home and moving to a better school district for the kids.  Now we never want to leave!  My husband traded his days of yard work and garage maintenance for fruity drinks delivered to him while he sits in the spa.  My kids traded hours of endless cleaning for being within walking distance of great shopping and friends.  And with fewer rooms and walls, it means my home can be done that much faster, leaving me LOTS of extra time to spend with that unruly brood above!

We're excited to share our adventures and, well, misadventures with you in our blog, BIG FAMILY/small apartment!


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