Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday #3

I was so sad I didn't get to go to ANY yard sales this weekend!  And oh my were they out in force with the beautiful weather and all!  Instead, my children had activities and performances from 4:00 a.m. (yes, that was when we got up!) until midnight on Saturday.  I was quite rummy by the end of the whole thing yet quite proud, having flung 4 children in 11 different directions over the course of 20 hours.  He's what we fit in to our Saturday: my 3 teenagers volunteering and performing at a local charity run event, 2 sets of photographs for my daughters ballet company, 1 playdate for Cutie Girl, 1 sleepover for Girlfriend, 2 rehearsals and 1 performance for Theatre Boy and a rehearsal and performance for the Geek.  (Haven't heard of the Geek yet?  He's my 15 year old son that understands and reiterates all things science.  They modeled a sitcom after him called The Big Bang Theory, lol!).  Somewhere in there we ate, and some family members even got a nap.  Nope, not me though.

Anyway, Cutie Girl and I did make it to some thrift stores on our weekly outing - and even tried a new burger place with crispy french fries and gluten free friendly taco's!  Here was our haul after a couple of stores:

As you can see I'm still on the hunt for frames and I scored FOUR of them, all in perfect condition!  Here's a closer look at some other things:

Cutie Girl has her ears pierced and she picked out this cute butterfly earring holder.  It's perfect, just needs a good washing!

I just liked this white box.  I don't know where it will go or what I will use it for.  Can you see it filled with a bunch of milk glass vases?  Or in the bathroom filled with smell goody thingies?  I'm sure it will find a home around here very soon.

I adored these 3 little butterflies that were 49 cents each.  These will get a coat of spray paint and land on Cutie Girl's desk wall.  Notice the 'Q' and 'Z' in there?  These are glass paperweights sold by a very popular local gallery.  Considering those are the letters of both my son's first names I thought they would look great on their desks, and I couldn't pass them up for a dollar.
Cutie Girl is growing like a weed!  She may still be 7 but has outgrown every size 7 piece of clothing she has.  We found these great Justice shorts for her and a sparkly light blue velveteen shirt.  I love Justice clothes for my girls but don't love the price.  It's awesome when I find these brands at the thrift stores.
All these items ranged in price from 49 cents to $3 and our total spent was less than $20.  We had fun, and we'll be back next week for another Thrift Store Thursday!  In the meantime I'll be unveiling some awesome new projects.  Stay tuned!

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