Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday #4, Prom Dresses and a Big Secret

In a desperate attempt to NOT have to go to the store (because I am so crunched for time!), I tried drinking my coffee black this morning.  When that didn't work I got the brilliant idea to use nonfat vanilla yogurt in my coffee as a creamer.  That was really bad.  Like 'don't ever do it' bad.  Then I broke down and went to the store just to get the 'vanilla yogurt in coffee' taste out of my mouth. Ewww.

So this Thrift Store Thursday isn't really about my thrifting trips this week.  I only made one trip and couldn't find anything that I liked or needed, and came back with one small picture frame for a dollar.  So no, this post isn't going to be about me, it's about my mother (Hi Mom, I know you're reading and I hope you don't mind being the main attraction today).

All I got was a measly $1 frame.  Though it is quite an awesome frame.

My mom lives near an SVDP.  For those of you that don't know what SVDP is, it stands for St. Vincent De Paul.  Now these are fabulous thrift stores.  I've been into this SVDP several times and everyone is so nice.  There was a staff member that actually marked items down just for me because I was buying a lot.  The staff is always very friendly and they even ask if you need help.  Finally, when I've checked out of SVDP they have always thanked me profusely for supporting them.  One time I bought some furniture and had to make several trips to get it all home, and each time I came back they happily loaded the rest of my purchases and thanked me for supporting them every time.  I mean, these people are NICE!

Now, Mom is Girlfriend's personal shopper.  And unlike most 13 year old girls, Girlfriend NEEDS a personal shopper.  Let me share with you the big secret reason why Girlfriend needs an experienced thrifting come closer...and shhhhh...

Girlfriend's a pageant queen.
Along with being a queen, she has all sorts of "gotta look very pretty" appearances to attend to.  Of course "gotta look very pretty" usually means "gotta be very expensive" and doesn't every mom want a closet full of dresses your daughter will only wear once or twice each?  Not only that, her responsibilities include fundraising for some local charities she's interested in, and I would much rather have her learn to support charity, and not her closet.
So for less than a Starbucks Grandma keeps Girlfriend dressed. Look at some of Grandma's finds:

Teal with Sparkles
Grey with Sparkles - It matches the teal one!
Hot Pink and Black
This cute red dress has rhinestone straps on the back!
This one is vintage Jessica McClintock with a bubble skirt and rhinestones.  One of her faves.
Another fave is this orange and yellow plaid number.  So cute!
And Grandma's most recent acquisition for Girlfriend is this hot pink dress with adorable swirls dropping down from the skirt.  She saw it and immediately texted me this pic (yes, Grandma texts!).  I showed this pic to Girlfriend and she said "OMG yes!".
So there you have it.  Grandma, SVDP and the Pageant Queen.  All in a Thrift Store Thursday blog post from BIG FAMILY/small apartment.
Until next time,