Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Girlfriend's Desk and Dresser Makeover - In Progress

My daughter is 13.  The age of eye-rolling, too much makeup and embarrassment over my presence.  But it's cute and we're having fun with it.  Recently, I set out to completely redo her room for a less junky retro feel.

Many years back I picked up a dresser with a mirror, and a desk with a hutch at a yard sale.  They were only $20 each. They were this awful yellow color with these blue flowers on some of the drawers.  They were badly beat up with stickers on them and peeling paint.  My older daughter used them before she went to college and she proceeded to beat them up further.  She drew all over them with Sharpies and added even more stickers.  They were her ongoing art project.  Last year they were handed down to my 13 year old and we knew they needed a makeover!

Because I've already completed one piece, I only have a before picture of the piece I have yet to complete - buy hey - it's a before picture!  I know, so far on this blog before pictures are like white elephants.  But I'm getting better.

Here's the desk with hutch that is still not complete.  This is what her dresser looked like before:

and here's a closeup:

The orange sharpie, dirty peeling yellow paint makes a statement, huh?

So Girlfriend (my 13 year old daughter) just wanted white, with a little bit of shine to it for these pieces.  So we chose Kelly Moore Diamond White in High Gloss for the paint, and used Martha Stewart's Metallic Glaze in Medallion.  After sanding, Kilz primer, 2 coats of Diamond White, Glaze, some distressing, refinished hardware in matte black and 2 coats of Polyacrylic here's what her dresser looks like:

Here's a better, less blurry pic:

But we didn't just stop there.  As you know I have a thing about the drawers.  Well, the inside of these drawers were gnarly!  We primered, painted and polyacrylic'd the sides and insides of the drawers in the same Diamond White.  Then Girlfriend picked some cute scrapbook papers and made a Mod Podge collage on the bottom of each dresser drawer.  We think they turned out awesome:

She even did the inside of the cabinet:

Girlfriend got a little wild with the glaze and even glazed the insides of the cabinet and drawers.  It actually looks pretty awesome with the glaze in the corners of the drawers!

Anyway, this project has only just begun.  We still have to paint a mirror that goes on top of this dresser, as well as the desk and hutch.  So check back to see our progress as we redo Girlfriend's room now that she's a big 8th grader!

Also, it's looking like my Thrift Store Thursday is going to be more of a yard sale/thrift store/craigslist kind of post this week.  We've found some great deals this week and can't wait to show them off!  See you Thursday!
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  1. so much softer and prettier! i love the fresh look!

    1. Thank you Cassie! See you at your next party :-)

  2. Love how it looks now - so sophisticated - girlfriend's a lucky girl!!!
    Your newest follower - would love to have you visit and follow back when you have the time
    ( I'm a pepsi painter too, lol )

    1. Thank you Suzy! Your blog is great and I have followed you back! Can't wait to see what you come up with next :-)