Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Pink Thing

So this piece has an interesting story.  As you already know most of my pieces come from yard sales, and this piece is no exception.  Now my husband will usually drive me around on a couple Saturday mornings a month, and the deal is I pretty much have a $20 limit.  Without the limit, my home would probably be filled to the brim with unfinished projects that didn't have a hope of completion!  So this particular Saturday I had already spent $8 on some really cute clothes for my daughter and I had $12 left.  Then I saw this thing:

Of course it wasn't painted.  It was dark, dark brown.  And of course it doesn't have a before picture, because I only started taking those recently.  After I got a new phone because the camera on my old phone died.  Anyway, It was REALLY scratched and stained on top.  It was also completely solid with smooth sliding drawers and intact hardware.

The guy wanted $20 for it - and it was almost noon.

I explained that I only had $12 left this morning, and would he take $12?  He said 'no way' and insisted it was worth a lot more - like $150 or something like that.  So I did what I normally do in situations like this.  I told him that he should put it on craigslist.  Then he'd probably get a lot more for it.  Then I walked away.  This man then literally chased me to my car saying he didn't have the time to put it on craigslist and he'd take my $12.  So hubby loaded it.  End of story.

This one took a lot of work though.  The finish on top had to be completely sanded off, then the piece was primed.  Then painted twice.  Then glazed. Then distressed.  Finally it got waxed.  But in the end there was something missing.

This piece had a little pull out top shelf that seemed boring to me.  So I got out the chalkboard paint.  I had to.  I have a chalkboard paint problem.

Isn't she totally cute now?  Can you picture leaving your sweetheart a little note on this at your bedside?  Or how 'bout a cup of coffee with a chalked message that says 'for you' and an arrow pointing at the coffee?  Awwww.  As I always say, if you're gonna say something, say it with a piece of furniture!

Let me also show you a close up of the distressing:

Distressing this was so fun.  I used a sander and got down to the bare wood.  In a strange twist of fate this piece did ultimately end up on craigslist!  My 13 year old daughter informed me she'd grown out of pink.  But had I done it in turquoise...

Next time.

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  1. This is just beautiful!!!
    Love the pull out shelf