Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday #2

My life is insane and today was no exception.  I wanted this post up first thing in the morning, but like usual my life had other ideas.  My morning usually starts by first taking my 13 year old daughter and her friend to Jr. High.  Then I come back home in time to take my oldest son to high school.  This particular morning my husband stayed home because he had an appointment, so I got all wrapped up in making him coffee, then I ran off to pick the girls up from Jr. High because they had a very early minimum day.  Next I ran off to pick up a friend up from the airport, got him some lunch and dropped him at home.  While I was doing that hubby ran my youngest son to high school.  Yes, younger son and older son are in the same high school but have different schedules.  No, I didn't plan it that way.

Are you tired yet?  It gets better.

Then I went with my husband to his doctor's appointment, oh, and we stopped to get something to eat on the way.  By the time we're out of the appointment my husband realizes I've ran all day for everyone else, so he says the magic words..."How 'bout we stop into that thrift store you love around here?".  See, the doctor's office is 25 mi. from where we live and there is a jammin' huge thrift store in that town, and I married an awesome man who understands a thrift store shopping trip gets him more points than bringing me flowers!  So off we went.  Look what I scored:

These are two matching decorative metal lamps.  Can you hear them screaming "Paint ME!"?  Like I said, the lighting is really bad in this apartment.  These were in perfect condition and were $6.50 each!  Here's a closeup:

Please excuse the photobomb by my ginger haired, theatrically inclined teenage son.  I usually take pics while he's at school for this very reason.  At least he got Chipotle for dinner.  He liked my new lamps and said he'd like them better if they were orange.  Not gonna happen.

Then I also found these:

These are for girlfriends desk.  To catch little makeup thingy's, earring backs and sticks of chewing gum (preferably not already chewed).  That price tag says $3.00 :-)

I had more thrift store adventures earlier in the week, and wouldn't you know it - but it was another lamp!

This one was in perfect condition and only $4.00.  The only thing not pictured was the pink striped tank top I got for my little cutie girl.  So just picture a pink striped tank top for $1 in your head.

Now this post is going to go further than just the thrift store.  I made a Craigslist score this week that I have to tell you about.  I saw a project with these floral thingies on another blog and when I do the project I will definitely link to the other blog so you can see where I got the idea from.  These were only $5 each (but 7 year old cutie girl charged a Jamba Juice for her company on the ride to pick them up).  They are from the 60's or 70's and are made of resin.  If anyone knows anything else about these things I'd love for you to share.  I cannot wait to add my paint and glaze touches to these.  Girlfriend swooned over these and theatre boy said they were awesome.  Reaffirming that fact that everything that was out of style eventually comes back in!  Here's the small one:

This will probably get revamped and put up in the bathroom.  And here's the big one, I actually got TWO of these:

Isn't the little butterfly on the bottom adorable?  That butterfly is gonna be blue - I just know it.

So this post is like a big infomercial for frugal shopping so I get to say 'BUT WAIT - THERE'S MORE!'  Even with my crazy family schedule I got to go to a few yard sales this past Saturday morning with my hubby.  Our neighborhood was packed with them.  However, that's where I scored these for $2.00:

They are never-worn, Skechers Twinkle Toes in cutie girl's size!  These are the shoes that produce seizure inducing blinkie lights with every step she takes - and she LOVES them!  They're dirty in this picture because she's worn them for 5 days straight.  I love being able to see exactly where she is in the dark though!

So there are my finds for the week.  The other thing I learned this week was to write most of my Thrift Store Thursday post Wednesday evening.  That way I can hit my Thursday morning self imposed deadline.  Can't wait to see if I make it next week!

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  1. Great score on those twinkle toes shoes. My daughter loves those and bought herself a pair with her birthday money. I love finding great deals at yard sales! Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower too.