Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday #1

I'm starting a weekly tradition here at BIG FAMILY/small apartment.  From now on every Thursday I'm going to show you what I found on my thrifting adventures during the week.  It's called Thrift Store Thursday.  Maybe, just maybe, as my blog grows I'll turn it into a linky party.  However, it would be nice to know how to create a linky party first, Lol!

Every week my little girl and I make it out to a thrift store or two.  After we thrift, and usually because she was so helpful, she gets lunch at her favorite burger place, The Habit.

There she is with her fries :-)

This week we went to 2 thrift stores.  The first was our local goodwill and the second one was a thrift store that benefits our local hospice organization.

Now, thrift stores totally make my husband crazy.  He can't go in them because it causes him to develop a major case of ADHD.  I'm no different.  To battle our attention deficit issues, I always thrift store shop with a list.  I change my list every single week, but here's an example of my list today:
  • Women's clothing - shirt size small, pant size 7-9 ( for my big girl)
  • Men's clothing - shirt size XS-M and pant size 28/32 and 30/31 (for my guys)
  • Girl's clothing - size 7/8 and shoe size 3 (for my little girl)
  • Cool frames (for chalkboards and for a gallery wall in our hallway)
  • Mirrors (for a mirror wall I'm planning)
  • Buttons (for button art)
  • Old gold, silver or colored flower brooches (for another upcoming project)
  • Sheet sets (we eat sheets in our family...)
  • Lamps (I'm still looking for 4 more lamps for various places in our apartment, the lighting is not so great here)
  • Blankets
  • Furniture (nightstand for big girl, something for our entryway, buffet for living room, bench for end of my bed, furniture for our apartment deck)
  • Big pots (for the unpotted plants my husband keeps on our deck)
  • Anything else that's really awesome that I totally can't pass up.
As you notice I don't have clothes for myself or my husband on the list - it's because we don't need any!  I make a huge effort to not overbuy, especially with space being a premium in our home.  Now the kids?  Well I could buy for them everyday the way they're growing.  My 15 year old son grew, oh, like a million inches this year and all his pants look like capri pants!

The other thing I check on when I thrift store shop are the specials. Check the store calendar to see when the discount days are and check for coupons.

Today was half off day, which was awesome! I found a couple of tanks tops for my big girl.  One Banana Republic and the other Gilly Hicks - Sydney.  My little girl found a cute turquoise dress by Guess.  Here they are.  Barely worn and super cute!  The tanks were 50% off of $1.75, or $.88 ea. and the dress was 50% off of $3.00, or a $1.50.

My trip got even awesomer than this though.  I wasn't looking for framed art, so these kind of found me.  They are 2 prints from Cost Plus.  They have a beautiful silver frame, are double matted and are in perfect condition!  The prints are white flowers with shades of taupe, green and butter yellows.  I'll be hanging these 'as is' over the sideboard in my dining room, they are that pretty!

Here's a closer pic -

Here was the price before the 50% off -

So that means they were $3.25 each!  But they were originally this much each -

So I scored!  Lastly I found this next frame and it was only $3.75 after the 50% off.  This frame will get painted and will definitely get made into a chalkboard!

Total spent thrifting this week was $13.51 + tax (minus the hamburgers...).

Stay tuned, I've got some more projects coming up this week.  I may even post a pic of how these prints look in my dining room.  Hmmm...

Until next time,

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